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is there a gun i can make that fires from a far and powerful distance? Answered

a gun that can fire really powerful and from a far distance?




8 years ago

any version of the sipriani, i got it like 300 ft


8 years ago

The SRv2 has the longest range by far. The range has been proven to be 522ft, in my video. Either click my name or the link below to build it!<br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/SR_V2/">www.instructables.com/id/SR_V2/</a>


yours is huge! although i still want it so badly

LOL i bet you more people made the vivisector then your gun x.x

BR-36 or Sipriani rifle V1 or V2

Your best bet would be building one of IAC's cannons

There are tons of guns out there.

But I would reccommend the knexsayer(here)

Also the SR-v1 (here)

you know what stinks? i was about to build the knexsayer, and found 6 black rods, and i have 2 more, witch my couzion has. T.T

Yeah, i'm going up there for his confirmation, though. Hopefully i can get it back by then. >:D