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is there a physics simulator that can simulate air pressure? Answered

i want to experiment on barometers,but it is too risky and i don't have the resources.is there any physics simulator that can simulate fluid,air,air pressure,etc.


How can a "barometer" be risky ???

Rubbish. Only mercury barometers use mercury ! There are dozens of other ways of measuring pressure.

Air pressure is just a distributed force. Standard atmospheric pressure units (bar, atm, mmHg, etc) can easily be converted into psi or kPa and modeled as a distributed load by any physics sim.
steveastrouk asks a valid question though. You know you don't have to use mercury right?

i know should not be necessary to use mercury,but in my experiments,i need to use the densest possible liquid with lowest possible vapor pressure.

I say get a cheap air mattress pump that has both blow and suck capability,
a barometer and some Tupperware containers and have some real fun.