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is there a serial interface for commodore 64 cartridges? Answered

I would like to know so that I can finish planning out my next project...



Answer 3 years ago

Thanks for seeing if you can help and it is cool if you can't, just was hoping because my research just got me as far a serial to GPIO (home made) and a serial to USB

Ok, my friend said he does not know of any stand alone solution for the cartridges.

There are extensions and all sorts of off add ons, even USB but nothing to use the cartridges other than in an C64.

The hardware part is quite well documented on the web and it should be possible to create an interface to your needs but emulating the right addressing and commands will be a problem.

What exactly are you trying to do with the cartridge?

Is for a game console, to use memory expansions ?

to allow for games or GEOS maybe a word processor... I wonder if putting a ROM on my SD for the raspberry pi with the c64 OS will allow me to load that program what do you think of that solution?

I had all sorts of non genuine additions to my 64 back in the day and I know there was a hardware solution later on that could read out those cartridges so they could be used as a stand alone program on 128 models.

Problem is that too much time has passed and that there was no real internet back in the days, so documentation will be hard to find.

I will check some of my old contacts and try to find out if there is a modern solution available, but please don't hold your breath on it.