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is there a to use the big burst of energy from a capacitor to have enough energy to make a photon or ray gun of sorts? Answered

how powerfull would a capacitor need to be to do this, an what is the relation between volts and uF?



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Are you talking about a pulsed laser here? in that case it would be quite possible. you would need a high voltage power supply and a laser tube, combined with a capacitor.

However, lasertubes are not cheap, and the odds are large it won't survive a huge burst of energy fired trough it. you would most likely blow it up if you use to much capacitors. It is also very hard to do this, since just having a lazer and capacitors won't do the trick. you also have to connect this up the right way. But if you actually get this to work, you could end up with a lazer powerfull enoug to cut trough metal.

you could try to build a teleforce, which is a lot harder. you are going to need some VERY high voltages to do this ( a few hunderd megavolts, which is quite a lot).
This has to be used to accelerate electrons to open-air with near light speed, which would produce a very nice raygun. the only problem is, this defice would require you to have your own powerplant, and the theory behind it has never fully been proven ( tough tesla designed it, so it has to be good). you are also going to need a capacitor bank the size of a truck to store this amount of energy

Also, there is no relation to volts and uF. the amount of volts a capacitor has is the maximum voltage you could charge it to. the uF is the amount of capcity, which is the amount of electrons it is actually going to store. even tough they are in no way related to each other, in general a capacitor with a large amount of capacity has a low maximum voltage and a capacitor with a large maximum voltage a low capacity.

So Yes, it is possible. It does require lots of knowledge and money, and it won't be easy. I think it is the best for you if you gave up your raygun idea and build something simpler instead. (there is a very nice minirailgun somewhere on instructables)

thanks for your answers, ill probably endup bulding a coil gun or something, because lasers are very expensive

Simple answer: No.

Longer answer: Well, you could generate a burst of X-rays; all that takes is an electron gun at high enough voltage. Not exactly a ray gun, and odds of your hurting yourself are pretty high.