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is there a way i can chat easy and fast with a computer and a dsi? Answered

peferbaly cheap and i cant caht with the im thing on dsi cus hes 20 some miles away


skype, ym, icq (if anyone remembers ICQ...), and a bunch of other peer-on-peer chat engines.

you did mean DSL right? not DSI?

We use skype to talk to relatives in Mexico about 1500 miles away and it works great.

I used ICQ back as far as the late 1990s for voice chat..saved big bucks for long distance charges...But I lsot my ICQ installation when my orignal harddrive crapped out several months back and I did a resintall of XP. Just never got it reinstalled...

I just installed Skype a few weeks back so I could avoid holding my cell phone while talking to my older bro on the west coast (holding the cell phone for prolonged periods aggravates my neck injury and causes my left arm to kindsa scream at me...) Anyway, I was pretty amazed at the quality...clear as a bell so far.