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is there a way to communicate with the quadcopter using a xBee module that is operated by an iPhone? Answered

I am trying to make a quadcopter. I want it to be controlled by an iPhone rather than an RC radio transmitter. One way I found was to use a xBee module that can take the wireless signal and then you can control it. However, I cant figure out how would I be sending the signals to the xBee. Like do I need 2 xBees? one to transmit and one to receive?

I shall be very thankful for any help :)


xBee is a commericial brand of device using the Zigbee protocol. It gets VERY confusing to refer to the ultra-low power Zigbee system as "wifi", it isn't, its not designed to carry high speed data.

Yea you need 2 xbees. On that is some how connected to your iPhone so it can send the commands and one on the copter. Or you can look into using wifi to control the copter. This way you don't need additional hardware to go on your phone. You'll just need to add a wifi module to your micro controller on the copter and update the code acordingly.

hmmm. If I use the wifi module; would it use the wifi on the iPhone? like the iPhone will transmit the signals and then the module will do what I want it to do. Or is it like they share a common wifi?

Yes the signals will be sent from the phone through the phone's wifi to the copter. Google around and you should be able to find an app for controlling a copter and a compatible wifi module for the copter. Start looking around. There are many forums with secitons dedicated to DIY RC and quadcopters.

and one more thing. Just like I shall be using the iPhone wifi with a wireless shield of arduino; can't I use the same iPhone wifi with the xBee module? Why would I have to get 2x xBee for this purpose?

If you get an xbee wifi module then you won't need 2 since you can use the phone's wifi. Any other version of xbee will require 2. One to transmit and one to receive.

If there is any lag it won't be noticeable. As for range... that all depends on the area conditions. Under perfect conditions wifi will reach 300m. But your never in perfect conditions. So realisticly you can expect 150 to 200 meters. Which can be improved with better antennas.

I was thinking to use the TouchOSC app (if u ve heard of). You can basically create ur own layout and it gives u the control over the copter. However, my main concern is about the range of the wireless connection. If I shall be using the iPhone wifi; would there be any lag in the signal flow as the copter moves away?