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is there a way to convert a headphone to speaker? Answered


No. Headphones handle very, very small amounts of power. Speakers need a lot more.

What do you want to do ?

Well, you wouldn't blow the speakers... you probably just wouldn't hear anything. (Headphones are less power than speakers... not more.)

My brother managed to blow out a pair of headphones because there was too much power running through them when he hooked them up as speakers. :)

Correct, if you are hooking a pair of headphones into a speaker output, then you will probably blow them. But if you are hooking a speaker into a headphone output, then you will not blow the speaker. The way you worded it you were stating that you would blow a speaker if you plugged it into a headphone jack. That will not happen. The way the question was worded isn't too clear as to what they meant.

You can't convert a pair of headphones into a speaker, it will blow the headphones. You could however, plug a speaker into a headphone jack without damaging it, but unless it is powered, it will not have any volume. You could use an amp, but again, we are not sure what they are asking. (At least I'm not...) :)

lol... Read the first sentence of your second paragraph. That's exactly what I meant. ;)

(I'll make sure to read my comments before posting).

Then you would be correct. Just make sure you use the right word so you don't have some of saying "What in the world is she thinking?!?!?!?!?" ;)

I agree. :)

I tend to do a lot of multitasking, so I don't always read what I'm typing. :P

I do it to. (And it doesn't help that I wouldn't be able to spell anything without a spell check!) :)

My spelling is pretty good. I just hate that it always finds "Instructables" as a typo...

You could always add it to the dictionary... ;)