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is there a way to copy your image library into a desktop folder? Answered

I'd like to be able to save all my pictures into a desktop folder but it seems I have to open each picture, right click and save one at a time. Is there a better way?



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I just tried and found that if you have your library opened in one window and the desktop folder opened in another window beside the other, you can just drag the image to the folder (without losing it from your library). You still have to do it one image at a time, but it's a bit quicker than right click copy etc. The only down side of this is that the image saved in the folder has the name instructables gives it (lots of random letters and numbers) and is not easily identifiable without viewing the image.
One way to get around this would be to save the image in the preferred folder when you upload it to your library. I have a folder called instructables and sub-folders for each instructable I have published (plus a few I'm working on) and when I'm working on something, I save the photos that are ready to be uploaded to their relevant folder. That way all my instructable images are in the one place.


I know I can help you, but need a bit more information. If you reach out to me at alancasey (at) alumni (dot) northwestern (dot) com and share a phone number and convenient time(s) this should be a five minute phone consult.


Thanks for helping. I ended up doing like Twinmum said. Thanks again.

Find the picture folder you want, right click>copy. Go to your desktop, right-click>paste.

Didn't work for me :-(

Hi, this is how to make that happen.

1. create a new folder on your desktop give it a name- open it- set it to the side.

2. start a new search from start, search the whole computer for ".jpg" or whatever file extension you save images in

3. this will populate a list of all the individual photos in a window

4.select one file in the "search result" pane Ctrl+a right click and COPY

5. paste selected files in the new folder you prepared in step 1. this creates copies of the pictures in your new folder.

6.if you CUT then PASTE it will leave empty shell files where the pictures used to be in the Drive. this can clutter your drive so I prefer to COPY and then later delete the source file if not needed.

7 also if you plan on sharing that desktop image library folder remember NOT to keep source files in it. only copies of your pictures get shared (make this a rule and you will never lose a picture)


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hmmm..not to my knowledge..