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is there a way to hack my motorola walkie talkie to play music when no one is talking over the headset? Answered

Hello, i'm trying to hack my motorola walkie talkie using a microcontroller to play music continuously from my iPod, and switch to the headset of my walkie talkie when someone speaks to me over the headset.  Has anyone done this before or have any suggestions or helpful links?

My walkie talkie of course has a headset that has two prongs, one for audio out, and another in from the handheld mic that clips to my shirt.  I'm wanting to, like i said, use a microcontroller to sense when the audio is coming from the walkie talkie and mute the iPod, then continue playing again once my coworker has stopped talking to me on the communication device.  Any help?  I have the necessary equipment to program the microcontroller, but won't know the code or which microcontroller to purchase.  Please help?

I've attached a picture of the type of walkie talkies i'm talking about, it's not the exact one, but you can get a better idea of what i'm talking about


MPILCHFAMILY : that's going more towards what i need! actually, pretty much dead on, i'm sure there is a way to modify/implement that so that I can have my music play constantly and then when someone speaks, the op-amp switches the audio output to the walkie-talkie's output.

Just need some voltages now i suppose, like how many volts output when the walkie talkie is in use...

thanks for your help man, the research continues!

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The circuit could trigger a pair of relays that would switch the audio from the MP3 player to the talkie. So the output of the opamp would be determined by the coil voltage of the relay you want to use. You will want to have a peak detector that is set up to keep the relay engaged long enough so that you can hear the full transmission before allowing the MP3 audio to play through again. I think the videos i posted earlier should put you in the right direction for getting everything set up.

yah, work is so boring i just want something to help me through the day. These are the type of walkie talkies that they have in restaurants or in large department stores. I just want to hide the fact that i'm listening to my music on the clock.

I want to hear my music in one ear bud and be able to listen to it, but of course, when someone speaks over the comms, i can hear them and only them instead of both or only just one audio output.

not transmitting ANY music.

What interference do you think is the issue? Basically this would be a patch into the headset of the radio and have nothing to do with the radio transmitting or receiving signals. Is would be a couple of wires spliced into the headphone wire on the headset and feeding to the detection circuit, arduino, and MP3 player. There would be no radio interference whatsoever. The circuit only detects that an audio signal is coming from the radio so it knows to pause the MP3 player allowing the person to hear the radio transmission. When the radio is no longer receiving an audio signal the circuit then starts playing the MP3 audio to the headset again.

Wait... So it's just playing over his headset and it isn't transmitting over the radio? I thought he was asking of a way to transmit the music over the radio.

If it's only over the headset, than you are absolutely correct, and nice catch. If it's over the radio, then it's tying a channel up, and could be considered interference.

If you're in the US it would be very board-line on illegal. Probably the same in any country. :(

I don't care about it being illegal or not, it's for me at work. Sure there might be rules at work that say no listening to personal media devices, but no one is going to notice or find out. I just want to hook up the audio port into a device that then connects to my ipod and walkie talkie. Willing to make it, just want to know if anyone has any insight?

It isn't just your work that you have to worry about, it's the FCC. There's some pretty hefty fines if you violate the rules and regulations.

(Now, you didn't hear this from me, but if there's an earbud/mic jack on it like there is in the pic, you could probably convert 1/8 in. which is your iPod to the 1/16 in. which would be the mic jack with the right wires...)

How would he be violating any rules. All he wants is to patch his MP3 playing into the radio's headset and listen to his own music. He isn't trying to use the radio to transmit the audio.

I think what you will need is a modified clap detecting circuit with a peak detecting circuit. This will detect when audio is coming in from the radio and help to output the 5V needed to triger the arduino to mute the MP3 player. Though you'll need to figure out how to connect everything together so that only the audio output of the radio is the only thing that triggers the mute function. You wouldn't want it to detect the audio from the MP3 Player.

Here are a couple of videos that help to explain the circuits that may help in this project.

It's something that is very boarder line. As a consumer, he is bound by part 15 of the FCC rules and regulations. These state that your device may not cause any harmful interfereance, and must accept any interference received (including that which may cause undesired operation).

A good lawyer could make a pretty strong case that because he is tying up the channel and no one else can use it, he is causing harmful interference. It probably will not be a problem unless someone nearby complains, but you would be surprised how many people have nothing better to do.