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is there a way to kill oleanders? salt, fire, acid ... none have worked ? Answered

I need to kill an oleander planted by the homeowners before us. It's going to break our fence so I can't pull the root ball out, which also doesn't work since microscopic rhizomes continue to grow. I've dug a pit around it, burned it, drilled holes in it and soaked it with salt water, even drizzled pool acid and this thing os growing beautifully. 
anyone? Should I consider small scale nukes? I think it would just be a gilligans island oleander if I did that. 


Repeated treatments of muriatic acid should kill it. You may not kill the plant with it but you'll starve it to death because a plant can't take up nutrients when the ph gets much lower than 5.

What I hear works (for rogue blackberries, at least) is to cut it down to a stump or stumps, and then paint the freshly exposed stump face(s) with Round-Up. (Do be careful with the Round-Up, following all package directions, etc - it's nasty, but very effective, stuff.)