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is there a way to make a desoldering wick/braid out of common household items? Answered

is there a way to make a desoldering wick/braid out of common household items? i cant get to a Radio $hack and my local hardware store doesn't carry them. thanks for any contributing thoughts!



Best Answer 9 years ago

Some aerial Co-Axial cable sheathing reveals nicely plaited copper braid. The only thing it lacks is the flux for running in the solder to the copper.


8 years ago

You can buy desoldering wick online, or is that not possible either?

Or just partly untwist stranded copper wire (so it soaks up more solder) and, again, apply flux to increase the solder's flow. I agree that for most such tasks, a "solder sucker" is actually a better tool. Reminder: If you can't find stuff locally, mail-order/web-order does work.

In reply to the solder sucker suggestions: I find that the bulb type solder suckers (availible at radioshack and online) are very good. I find that the gun or pen-type of solder suckers tend to make a bunch of solder dust (extremely unhealthy and poisionous due to lead in leaded solder, and still not at all good for you with lead free solder. Lead causes cancer, flux is terrible to your health, and even lead free solder can cause pulmonary (heart) disease, as they both say on the package) inside of the gun. So I would reccommend a bulb type solder sucker, if you're going to be using a solder sucker. Remember to be careful, use a fume extractor, etc. Hope that helped!

Well you could plait bare copper wire and infiltrate it with flux. Can you buy a vacuum gun instead ? Steve