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is there a way to make an ac arc using a disposable camera? Answered

i am currently searching for a way to mod a disposable camera so it will make an ac current and in extension an arc (continious or regularily pulsing , either one is fine) for my potato launchers ignition.
i have seen that a decent spark can be made by connecting to wires together connected to the capasitor, but i want it to work electronicaly , not manualy aka with a trigger
what i want to know is how (if its possible) to create an arc from the disposable caremas transformer that will work straight away, or converted from the capasitors dicharge into ac current which can jump to cause ignition.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Since they've told you it won't do exactly what you want it to do, I'll tell you how to make it work another way.

Drill and tap the side of the cannon for a spark plug.  attach the output of the capacitor to the two terminals of the spark plug.

Load cannon and turn on the power.

You should wire this so there is no way it can go off before you are ready since if it's on "automatic" it may fire when you have the cannon open and fueling it up thereby flashing back in your face, the spray can and maybe ruining your day.

No.  Cameras use batteries and capacitors, both of which produce direct current (the current flows from + to - until the device is discharged).  AC stands for alternating current, which is produced by a generator (magnets being made to spin around wires, thereby inducing current in the wires).

Hey, generators produce DC as well, ALTERNATORS produce alternating current.
even still you can setup a battery powered circuit to produce AC. i've had a disposable camera circuit hooked up to my oscilloscope.... it wasn't ac it was pulsed dc but that'll transfer over to AC with the right inductor setup.

my mixture is not wrong, it usualy ignites after the 10th go , or whenever there is a freakishly large spark from the peizo (twice as large as usual). this one is either thicker or longer, either way it still goes off, but i always nearly poop my self when it does because im going click click click click ...booooom!! the capasitor spark , im hoping should generate enough heat alone to ignite the mixture, just from the wires let alone the air bettween them

Your far better off with a piezoelectric gas igniter that is commonly used.

The camera flash system will not work from AC not produce AC the components and the way it works are all DC based.

DC should provide a reasonable spark any way if the voltage is high enough to jump te spark gap. It matters not which way the spark goes.

i have tried using a lighter piezo , bbq peizo (generates 10,000v) and manualy connecting wires from a capasitor inside the spud gun, none of which works, what i wanted was a continuous arc, but that idea with the spark plug seems the best, i might try it.

remember that i need a large spark as my spud gun is rather small and a piezo spark isnt enogh to ignite it, a friend of mine modded a camera to generate a continuous ark about 1-2mm across but hes moved away and i want to know how it was done

The right mix of propellant and air WILL ignite. It's your mix that is wrong not the basic system.