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is there a way to "fix" a li-ion battery that wont take a charge? Answered

I have an older (dell latitude c400) that works great, its tiny and weights only about 4 pounds. I got it 2nd hand about a year ago, ever since I got it the battery shows no charge even when the laptop is plugged 24/7. Is there a way I can "zap" the battery or something like that?? I've seen instructables about zpping nicad batteries but nothing about lithium ion ones... Any and all help will be appreciated.


The best option you have is complaining to Dell and they might replace your battery pack. Replacing the cells in the battery actually not a wise action actually. The cells are welded together bu nickel plate and soldered to a BMU (Battery Management Unit). Disassemble the cell and the BMU might reset the progam that was program by manufacturer. If your battery back wont charge my best guess is your BMU is dead. iIf your cells got problem, you still got battery charging indication but you wont got 100% charge.

just replace the battery, or switch out the cells inside the battery plug the laptop in, then while it's running, unplug it

plug in and charge 4 times more than it takes to get to 100 % unplug the computer and wait untill battery dies repeat 3 - 4 times