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is there a way to reduce the power flow of the fan? Answered

im making something using a fan and it shut my computer taking to much power from the usb is there a way to reduce the power flow of the fan?



A better solution would be to upgrade your PSU (power supply unit) for your computer so it can handle the additional load, and any other additional loads. If you don't want to use the fan simply disconnect it.

is this something i can do at home or do i have to bring it to the store(note im using a computer tower not a laptop)

It is, in fact, very easy to do yourself (and much, much easier to do on a tower PC than a laptop). The PSU is where the power cord from the wall plug meets the computer, you will need to disconnect this cord and open up your machine and take a look for a steel box with slits, it will have many wires coming out of it. This is your PSU, there will be a rating on it in watts to what it's maximum output can be. PSU's can rage from 500W to well over 1000W, so chack to see what yours is, you'll need to go higher if you plan to be running stuff that draws lots of power. PSU's are easy to buy and install, but be safe, you are dealing with power, so make sure to disconnect everything before you tinker around.

For reference you can check here to see what PSU's look like and what kinds are available. Just head down to your local compy hardware store when you are ready.
Good luck!


9 years ago

We need specific details of everything there is no way to know what is happening based only on what you wrote. Generally speaking, most computer fans are 12V and USB is 5V, what exact fan model is it? If you only need to limit current, which without any other info seems to be what is likely, put a 2W resistor in series with the fan power lead, commonly a resistor value between 47 and 100 Ohms would be appropriate but it depends on the specific fan used.

im building a personal fan that plugs into a usb port so i odnt hav e specific model!

You could use an AC wall adapter of sufficient voltage and current rating to handle your fan. Hard wire the fan to it.