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is there a way to turn your flat computer monitor into a tv without a cable box? Answered

i have a dell flat screen monitor and i wanted to turn it into a TV to hang on the wall, but the olny problem is that i don't know how. and i also don't want to spend a lot of money. is there anyone who can help me?


There's a dead handy little box called a VGA converter, we had one that cost buttons and had a built in TV tuner and every input there was at the time, including a VGA input, meaning you could hook the computer up to it aswell, they're pretty small and unobtrusive, you could probably hide it in behind the monitor's back where the well for the cables is, however using it too hook all your stuff up first might be best and keeping it with the cable box and DVD player etc. That way there'd only be one cable running to the monitor other than the power cable.

make sure to get one with a remote though, so it's pretty much like a TV, also you'll still need a pair of speakers with the the monitor, though I'm hazarding a guess you have the included dell speakers too, which are actually quite decent, as are the monitors, shame about the computers though...

I have speakers and i have dvd player ETC. but i need that box ur talkin about and if you could tell me where to get one of these post a link so i could see thank you!!

get a dvd player that has a DVI output, then connect your cable/whatever to the dvd player's input

you'll need a mini DVI to large (flat, fat connecter) adapter

There are digital-TV tuners available that will plug into a PC . There are _probably_ stand-alone tuners which can output to DVI (possibly through a DVI adapter); I haven't gone looking recently.

Of course a tuner will require an antenna, unless you are in an unusually high signal strength area.