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is there an easy way to hook up two computer to one monitor? Answered

i have an old computer with a zip drive (approx.15years old at least) that i would like to view my art work that is one various zips and choose different sections on the zips to transfer to a cd on my new computer; however, i only have one monitor.

is there an easy way to hook both of my towers up to the one monitor ?


Before looking for soft- or hardware to do the job you could take a look at your monitor. If it has multiple inputs it might also be able to switch between the PCs using the monitor's menu.

I would use a KVM switch. Faster than software solutions. Otherwise, logmein offers a nice remote desktop for free, or as said below you could use VNC.

Good luck! :)

Download a program called "VNC" onto the computer without a monitor - no switches needed, and VNC is free.


If you're going to copy onto CDs and then abandon the old machine; just swap the monitor once and then back again.


You can switch quickly between computers on the same monitor using something called a KVM switch.