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is there an easy way to make a waterproof phone case for a slider phone? Answered

 the phone is specifically a samsung gravity 2.



Best Answer 8 years ago

When I go fishing, I always stick mine in a zip-lock sandwich bag and I can use the phone without removing it from the bag.  Making something that allows you to use all the buttons without removing the phone is going to be tricky

I couldn't better that.


Ditto. Double-bagging may be worthwhile. I wouldn't bother with duct tape; if you need a tighter seal than that, I'd suggest finding someone with a vacuum-sealer and heat-welding the bag(s).

 hmm...... would using 2 bags and duct tape make it safer?

Sure, but it might make it a little difficult to see and use the buttons.  I would think that one should work fine, although sealing it shut with the duct tape will add a little extra security to keep the bag from opening accidentally.