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is there an 'ible that would allow you to put a usb cable on a laptop hdd that's sata, instead of getting an adapter? Answered

I have an old sata laptop hdd that has a female plug where the pins are on a "normal" hdd, so my adapter I bought that will connect a usb port to an ata, or laptop hdd with pins is useless. just wanted to know if anyone knew which pins(holes on the female plug) I'd need to connect to, to make it work? Thanks, Instructors! Doug


You need a computer with an e-sata (external sata) connection, then it's a 1 wire connection with a normal sata cable. OR You need a usb>sata adapter (like your usb>pata adapter). They're only 10-15 dollars for a barebones header, no enclosure.

Does your board (on the machine you want to connect this to) have SATA capabilities? (SATA isn't just a type of socket) L