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is there any bb/airsoft gun mods to make my gun better or powerfuller or accurater? Answered

the gun is a cheap spring pistol with a 14 bb magazine capacity its a cock then shoot gun


i would spend some money and get a good gun

well is the gun you are talking about the orange "____ 240" made by daisy? if it isn't, then try using the hopup system on your gun if you have it. i don't know of any other way you could do this. hope this helps!!!!!

oh soz its a p329 its got a 11 mag capacity

so does your gun have the hop-up system or not?

look on the instructions.

what is a hop up system/ all i know is its 1 where you pop the spring down in the magazine then put the pellets in

a hopup system has nothing to do with the magazine. it is a piece of rubber in the barrel that points the bb to where it is to go. does this win me the best answer? hope this helps!

in that case, i am pretty confident that theres nothing you can do sorry

bit late answer but if you look at the piston where the Bit thast hitts the bb bullet Is Put two or more washers inside to make the spring and overall length longer It increases your fps

I would buy a new airsoft spring .

Disasemble your gun and remove the spring, then strech out the spring about half of its original length and put the gun back together. The range nearly doubles, If your one of those hard core power guys try streching the spring out further... It might be hard to get the spring back in tho