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is there any free sites allowing me to transfer my ipod information apps and songs from my ipod to my computer? Answered

i lost all my information on my old laptop due to a family member deleting all of it. Now all my info is on my ipod and no where else i was wondering if there any free sites allowing me to transfer it all to my new computer



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's a pain when that happens (I assume apple made it difficult to copy from iPod to PC to deter music piracy)... I recently helped a friend transfer their songs from their iPod to iTunes using this method... basically, you can copy the files/folders found under iPod_Control\music (although it's stored in a rather cryptic way)... you just have to make sure you have show hidden files/folders to see them... once you have them copied over to a folder on your PC, you can then add this folder to iTunes and it then sorts the mess out into your songs, albums and folders... with regard to other files like photos... you can simply put your iPod into disk mode and find and copy them over... or this method using iPhoto software... hope this helps (at least for the music and photos)...


8 years ago

ITunes. Isn't that the whole point?


Answer 8 years ago

Not if it doesn't transfer they don't want people sharing music so you can't sync to another iTunes websites aloe it to transfer but all want money and I'm not one for online shopping I have my reasons