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is there any good knex snipers Answered

i would like a bolt action sniper that looks like one of the following


ya the last one the beretta m82a1, the 1st one is a Remington m24 the 2ed one is a l96 the 3ed one is a vsr 10

1. Sniper rifle. They're called sniper rifles. A sniper is the person who does the sniping. It's as much a sniper as a paint brush is a painter.
2. Do you know the names of these weapons? Even if you're randomly searching images, it's generally not hard to find the name of it close by.
3. If you do, go to the search bar and type in "knex ____" and the name of it. We do have plenty of replica sniper rifles and it'd probably be faster than waiting for a response here, especially because the filters can make a thread take days to get posted.