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is there any video display spy glasses i can buy or make? Answered

i play in a home card game were we fan out the cards face up for 1 sec. is there a way to conseal a video display in a pair of sunglasses? i wamt to snap a pic and display it inside the glasses?


I'm crossing my fingers that these wrap920av glasses will do the trick but they will not be out Intel fall. maybe I can Mod them to do what I need them to do. Price does not matter! but I need something very covert. Thanks Fox & Frollard Anyone else out there with a solution?

oops, looks like they dont sell it separately any more...

There's been folks working on that kind of heads-up display technology, with varying degrees of success over the last few decades. Thad said, nobody I know of has made a display that you can conceal in a normal pair of sunglasses, at least not one that will hold up to any degree of scrutiny. You may see some breakthroughs in the field soon. Flexible displays show a lot of promise. Projectors are getting small enough to embed in cell phones so it's concievable to suggest they might get small enough to embed in sunglass frames, aiming at the inside of the lens from one of the arms. If you make one that works, patent it and then get on the phone with silicon valley and the US military.