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is there any way to compress some liquid into a bottle or a tank?? Answered

i have an ethanol and i wanna compress it somehow in a bottle or something like that


yes i could try using a pump do you know some instructions on have to make a pump???

Air can be compressed. Liquids cannot (well oil can, but it takes tremendous pressure to do it). If you are trying to force the fuel to mave, compress air on top of the fuel to push it, or use rubber bladders or a pump to make force. If you're trying to compress a liquid fuel, I'm afraid that might not be possible. But it seems that you just want to move the fuel, so compressed air over fuel will work, a pump could move it, or a rubber bladder could create pressure. If you want it in a fine mist, you could try a hose nozzle on the finest setting or you might have your own method for doing that....

Could you mean pump or distill/concentrate?

Turn to steam and re-condense (look for the instructable on distillation using a rice cooker and a plastic bag). Or use salt to get out the water(there's an instructable to do that, too).

i don't really get it what are you trying to say, maybe you didn't understand what was the question... the question was how to put homemade ethanol(alcohol) in a bottle or a tank and compress it to be like a spray or the propan gas. do you understand now?

OK, distill means to concentrate by vaporizing and condensing. What you are describing is a squirt gun, like a super soaker. You don't compress the liquid, you add pressurized air to force the liquid out. Then you need to vaporize it, usually by forcing it threw a tiny hole. The other way is to blow air over a tube so that the air draws the liquid up and sprays it out (a carburetor or airbrush-look for the instructable). Propane is different, the liquid boils much lower than normal temps and creates the pressurized gas that gets used (that's why a propane cylinder gets cold when used).

yeees, tnx you give me a great idea how to make it, i' m going to make bigger airbrush and connect it to a compressor and i have a fuel pump for my jet engine thank you very much...

liquid can't be compressed

It's true. You can fill it almost full with liquid, and compress the remaining air inside the bottle.