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is there any way to glue laminated paper to itself? Answered

I have some paper pieces that I laminated with a laminating machine - so it has that smooth tough glossy plastic shielding all around it.  I want to glue the laminated paper together and nothing seems to hold so far.   I have tried roughening up the parts to be glued with a file and super glue - no good.  I've tried "Tacky Glue" - nothing.    I also tried heating up the surfaces to be glued with a hot knife in an attempt to roughen it up and then glue it - not working.

I thought heat might work, but I don't have a way to administer the heat to the areas without causing damage

Staples work, but they mar the aesthetics - and in some places I don't have a long enough stapler to reach where I need the connection.

Thanks for any info


I've had good luck doing similar things by using double-sided carpet tape.

+1 Oh yeah, that can stick anything together!

neato, that sounds a lot less stinky than the contact adhesive

I answered my own question just now: "Household Goop" - a contact adhesive works for this


4 years ago

Depending on how how sturdy or long term you want the results to be, the 3M sticky dots or other brand of tape that leaves adhesive behind might work.

thanks for that tip

Super glue should work on it's own. Just be sure to give it 24 hours to cure fully.

If the glue isn't working then go with double sided tape. I'm not talking about that crappy foam tape or even the scotch tape like double sided tape. I'm talking heavy duty double sided tape. Look for 3M 4010 double sided tape. That stuff works great. I use to use it to attach acrylic windows to the side of PC cases.