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is there any way to make a cnc-type thing, but you turn cranks to move the tool? Answered

I want to make a machine to cut parts using my Dremel, which is positioned by turning cranks. Like a cnc, but you are the controller and computer. :)


Steve's almost right -- it's called arealmiliing machine.  Those new-fangled CNC things are for wussed-out so-called "machinists" who don't have the hand-eye coordination for proper precision work. 

Jayefuu has given you a link to an I'ble for building the whole thing. 

If you just want the parts, and want to design the two-axis control table yourself, either search Google, or go to McMaster-Carr, and look for "worm gears" and "Acme threaded rod."

Hi Kelsey,

In fairness, a CNC can do jobs a human can't touch.

WIth your acme rod, get acme nuts.


'Tis the season....to be grumpy...falalala,la, la"


The search boxis really useful :)


This one has handles you can turn to control it by hand.