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is there any way to make a universal remote work for my car stereo that requires a remote,or for any ir device? Answered

i need a remote for my sony car stereo to access all the functions.But i dont want to pay $60.00 dollars for it.So is there any way to reprogram or mod a universal remote so i can access all the functions in my sony car stereo.


Agree with Ork, Sony though is a very standard IR protocol.

The simple answer is "maybe".

If you still had the original remote, a learning remote would almost certainly be able to copy its control sequences.

Without it... The universal remotes basically know about a great many versions of the standard controls. There's a key sequence which steps through the possibilities. Basically you have to sit there for a while (sometimes a long while) hitting a key (usually power) to see if it works, hitting that "next" sequence, hitting the key you're testing again, and repeating this until you either find the setting which (mostly?) works or establish that it's simply not one that this remote knows about.

The better ones come with a booklet mapping code sets to manufacturers, and let you select the code set by number, which is sometimes a faster way to try out the alternatives. It doesn't always work.