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is there any way to make a usb door lock Answered

is there any way to make a usb door lock that when you put the stick into a usb port built into door frame it reads a word doc with the password in it and opens the door?



5 years ago

use usb drive encryption software to help to do so, you can freely encrypt your data on usb drive with them. Kakasoft usb security is such a progra. try at http://www.kakasoft.com.

Would a USB Token work? Like Hasp4 or similar? That would be much secure.

Also, don’t use a word doc, plain text would be better. There are plenty of linux on a stick implementations you could use. Insert the usb stick, it mounts and runs gpg to verify access then triggers another script to activate a servo or magnetic trip unlocking the door, not cheap but not hard to implement either. Plus by using gpg you get public/ private key encryption and could allow multiple people accdss and track exact times of entry even going so far as to use home automation to set the room differently.

Its do-able, but you'd need something that can run in USB host mode, so its not in the reach of an Arduino or the like.

Agreed, a lower level storage like an SD card would be better suited for beginner electronics.

There are four connections in a usb plug. How about a system that uses all 4 of them as part of a switch. No need for any computer. Not as high tech but no one would be considering that the usb port was actually just a switch.

such as:


or you coulld put some resistance in there and read that so that not only would they have to have the right combination they would have to have the right resistance or the lock wouldn't open.