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is there any way you can put a battery in an electrical device that needs to be plugged in?? Answered

I have an electrical fan i want to add batteries to but i can't because it is a plug in do you guys know any way to make it use batteries?


thank you for the help

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Copied straight from Yahoo answers- Buy a 12 Volt to 120 Volt inverter. This is a device that takes 12 Volts DC and converts to 120 Volts AC (wall power). These are quite inexpensive and there are many models made for RV applications, etc. You will need to choose one that delivers sufficient output power, measured in watts, to operate your fan. Then obtain a suitable 12-volt battery and connect it to the inverter's input.

If your fan is a large device consuming hundreds of watts, the battery will have to be as large as a car battery capable of delivering tens of amps for as long as the fan is turned on, so this may be an impractical solution. But if it's a low-power fan for personal use, this approach might work.

If you want to make it even easier: Hit an auto supply store and ask them for a "chump starter" (a gel cell in a travel case, used to jumpstart cars after their own battery goes dead) which has a built-in inverter. Pick one that provides enough power to keep your fan running for a significant amount of time.

Alternatively: Replace the motor with a DC motor and connect it directly to appropriate batteries.