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is there any ways i can powered my 120-220 volt ac motor from 24 volt battery in a cheap way? Answered

here in my country i cant find any DC motor so i wanna try AC motor for my electric car


Or just use more batteries in series (120/24=5 batteries)

Well you have everything you need except a dc to ac inverter. Those are the ones that the cars these days use so you can directly plugin your phone charger and stuff try looking for one of those where you live. Hope this helps.

Ok where do you live, It doesn't say in your profile.

Some power tools, vacuum cleaner motors, and electric lawn and garden care power tools, are AC DC motors. You can tell them by the segmented commutator brushes, some even have permanent magnet stators and a rectifier in them. With them you only need to stack the batteries to a voltage that works.

Most table saws, drill presses, and other large tools and appliances, use induction motors.

If all you can get is induction motors most of them like pure sine wave power inverters to convert 12 volts DC to 120 or 240 AC and they are not cheep.

Best if you get a DC motor. Otherwise you go through the hassle of converting the DC to AC. Worst of all are the losses involved in that conversion. On top of that it will take a fairly large inverter to support the power draw of the AC motor. Which will not be cheap by any definition of the word cheap.