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is there anything like adobe flash that is web based? i don't want to download anything.? Answered


If you are worried about letting Flash have access to your hard drive, there is another option. You could install some virtualization software on your computer, install Linux on the virtual computer, and install Flash on the virtual computer's browser. The Flash will never touch your real operating system.

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and VMWare Player are good free virtualization options for Windows. QEMU is slower on Windows, but comes in Mac and Linux versions too.

Puppy Linux is good for older computers because it is fast but easy to use, while Ubuntu Linux is good for newer computers because it has good (free) tech support. Of course everybody has a different favorite flavor.

(Virtualization is tricking an operating system into thinking that it has the computer to itself, when it is actually running on a simulation of a computer that is just another file on your hard drive.)


9 years ago

no, sorry. The way that flash and similar content is rendered is by using a plugin that is designed to play the flash. it is like how you use itunes to play music from itunes. if you are a developer, then there is way to program using css animation, a part of the html 5 standard. this currently is n development however.