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is there anything worthwhile inside an old electrolux vaccuum. cleaner Answered

helped clean out an apartment and took a couple items home. The electrolux was going to be thrown out, so i took it, now i realize i don't have the room for another vacuum cleaner, it came in a box with all the accessories. the box is big 28x17 inches, i really wish they had changed to metric when i was in 3 or 4th grade and it was a big topic. i go crazy buying SAE bolts and their sized.
so anything inside the vac worth liberating, i heard it works, i haven't tried it, i was hoping it was an electrolux with that end piece that i have seen sculptures or steam punk stuff out of


Rip out the innards and install a new hoover? It's a beauty.

What you've got there must really suck. Depends on what you want to do with it, there's a motor and some switches, it generates a vacuum or blower, pieces for art, make a loud vacuum forming table, big fog or bubble machine...