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is there anyway i can go back into my computer history and find the login info? Answered

ok so my cousin cam over to my house and logged onto facebook then ;left whle still ogged on i decided to send a message to one of her "hot" friends i know who i hooked up with and its sent from her account  and i know she ddidnt go onto facebook tonight so is there anyway i can go back into my computer history and find her login info and delete my message before she see's it?


Run around the earth really fast and maybe you can set back time to a point where you didn't send the message.  Nah.  Just apologize.

And next time, think about likely outcomes before you take action.

You should rewrite that as an answer cause it's the best one here.

You might be able to find the login information in your cookies. It depends on what browser you're using, but it might be as simple as going into tools-privacy-cookies and then looking at what it says for facebook. But she could easily have prevented them from not being saved.

Anyways, even if you do do that, Facebook doesn't allow deleting sent messages. So even if you do have her information, you can't unsend the message. So the whole apologizing thing is probably your best bet.


8 years ago

You can wipe it from your PC, but anything you sent is now out of your control.
Follow lemonie's advice.

Start thinking of apologies / excuses...


You can't delete the message you sent, even if you could she would still have a copy of it in her email inbox.

Bad luck.