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is there gold in eastern south dakota?if there isin or is where would it be or where sould i look for it? Answered

i live right next to the border by minnosota




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I know exactly where you should look for gold in that area.

How much is the information worth to you?

i dont know im just wondering i have some land up there with good snad deposits and rock deposits its next to some corries

There is gold at some level in most areas especially areas that used to be volcanic in the past or are ancient rock strata.

I went gold panning with my geologist uncle in Scotland some years ago and we found a visible amount of gold by panning local stream.

cool i have some very rocky sandy soil that i could try

The terrain in that part of the state isn't ideal for gold deposits, but it doesn't hurt to spend some time to look. There is however gold in South Dakota, but its been primarily found on the other side in the Badlands area.

If you want to try some prospecting, you'll want to look at creeks, streams and rivers (as gold can be moved many miles from its source). Old dried out waterways are also good to look for as they may have been part of a very old river that could have carried gold.

There is a wealth of information online about gold prospecting and you may have a local "rockhounding" club that you could either join or talk to as they will have a good idea of what can be found in your area.

Always used to be & I guess they didn't remove it all.

Where is MUCH harder to predict or we would ALL be panning for gold.