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is there more easy way to make sodium acetate? Answered

is there a 3 easy steps to make a sodium acetate than 6 steps??


yep, u need Vinager and Sodium bicarbonate (u can use baking soda), then mix them together and, when there's no more bubbles, put it on the stove ultill about 90% of it has evaporated. You will get some homemade Sodium acetate, its not as pure as the ones u buy but its ok.

Hope it helps.


8 years ago

Yeah, buy it.

Otherwise, you can make it from vinegar and baking soda.

1: buy sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide and acetic acid 2: mix the sodium compound and the acetic acid 3: you are ready. Or as frollard said: get it from a shop.

Step 1, go to a store that sells Sodium Acetate. (unitednuclear.com) Step 2, select, purchase, and pay for your new Sodium Acetate Step 3, put the Sodium Acetate in a bowl, wave your hands over the bowl mysteriously, then say "poof". You now have made a bowl of Sodium Acetate.

What were you looking at (6 steps)? L