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is there someone who can help with my english? in return i can teach him Chinese Answered

As the subject say, I need someone who is willing to help with my English.  I am Chinese.


We can trade, I've always wanted to learn to speak Chinese, any kind. I also speak Tagalog(philippines) Let me know when we can start


It looks a bit bare, actually. (at least as of Oct 30, 2011)
As in no content at all. Was there something before?

Oh. There was - I don't know what happened to it.


Wo shi yi ge ren ke yi shuo yin wen he zhong wen.

Sorry if you can't understand that.

I can speak English and Chinese so there is no need for your help. I could tell that you are not a person who speaks english as your first language. D you speak mandarin? What do you need help on? I am not always available but I will not be gone for more than a few days.

Post-Script: You cannot type Chinese on Instructables...it reads it as random symbols.

I can certainly help with little bits for small chunks of time. :) I took Mandarin for awhile but maaaaan was it hard.

What would you like help with, specifically? Just talking/correcting mistakes?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I said that I can help in small amounts. I am interested in learning a little Chinese (I took Mandarin awhile back but it was difficult for me).

I also asked if there is something in particular you would like to learn about English.