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Are these stuck pixels.. dead pixels.. or something else? Answered

just gotton worse.. looks like stars but its peeing me off any help?


I came across a similar problem with a projector in a friends pub a few years ago.
It turned out to be mildew forming on a lens caused by poor storage, we took the thing apart gave the mirrors & lenses a good clean & it worked a treat.
Have you consulted the user or service manual?

To clarify my question I meant have you consulted the manual about how to strip the projector & clean the optical parts.
Quite frankly I would have been amazed if there had been a section in the manual about multiplying white spots :-)

Are you referring to the white dots on the screen, or the red flare at the bottom left?

If dots:
Do they still show when there is a signal source (there is something about no signal)?

If flare:
I don't think this is what you are referring to, but if it is, I would guess hot pixel.

No matter which:
What type of device is this? (I see something about Acer, so I'm going to assume computer monitor... Laptop, desktop, etc.)
When did it start, and did it happen gradually, or all at once?

I think he sneezed on the screen after snorting florescent paint.

Good explaination! ;)

the red flare in the bottom left is a streetlight shining through blinds haha, no the white dots on the screen.. they appear on every video source and imput.. they started out as one or two and then the next time i turned on it was just like this.. its an acer projector x1160 and it started about 3 weeks ago

Unless there is something physically growing on the lens, then it sounds like something is going wrong with the imaging processor. If that is the case, there isn't a DIY fix. You just risk breaking something else. Try finding a projector repair shop to bring it to... I know there is at least one by me, there's probably one by you as well. If not, then you need to send it in for repair.