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is this a good way to stain denim fabric? Answered

i plan on submerging blue jeans fabric (Denim) in hot black coffee in attempt to stain the fabric. if i do this would it ruin the fabric? and is it a good idea?


What kind of stain are you going for? Like to make it look worn, or to change the color? It would probably work, but it might wash out if you have a good laundry detergent. Personally I think it would just look like you had spilled coffee on yourself and not washed your pants for a few days. If you are doing it to dye the fabric, look at RitDye instead. Its available at craft and fabric stores for about $2 a box, and it wont wash out.

umm. both worn out and change the color to make it a little bit darker. and its not on any article of clothing i ever plan on washing (cyberpunkish goggles.) and instead of using leather like most people do i made mine from denim. but what i was wondering is, would this do anything that would cause the fabric to do anything other than change color (example- grease makes clothing have a weird feeling thats hard to get rid of)

Oh I see. The worst thing I see happening is that the fabric might stiffen slightly, but I doubt it would be enough to be noticeable. I still recommend Rit Dye, but coffee should work.

hey i posted a slideshow of the goggles i made with the stained fabric. check em out for me please?

alright. ill check it out next time im out. thanks for the best answer (and only answer)