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is this good rookie soldering tool? Answered

Is this good for a rookie solderer ? my dad is going to take me to ace hardware so i can buy a soldering iron so i have to pick one quick so i know what to get when i get there so isthis a good starter kit


I've got two of that particular iron. One has had the literal crap beaten out of it. It has been rested on the cord, dropped on the floor, confiscated and abused by one kid who was learning to solder. In short, I've never had a problem with that iron's ability and new tips are widely available.

I know that Radio Shack carries a very similar pencil type iron in either the 25 w or the 40 watt range for around $8-$9. Under normal use, the irons last awhile, but the tips wear down with a lot of use fairly quickly.

the 40 watt iron


the 25 Watt iron


8 years ago

That is a fine soldering iron, assuming you are doing electronics (like circuit boards) Ive used that iron, it is fine for thinner wire, as soon as you hit beefer wire though, you're going to hit long times to solder it. Otherwise, that iron will work fine.