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is this just junk or useful? Answered

i found a smashed solar garden light in the shed the light unit its self is working but is it any use?   it has a solar panel a 1.2v battery a little board  with a green resister ( i think )  with silver black red and gray stripes and a little black thing with 4 legs that says  jc1803 .53b   when you have it in the sun the led is off when you cover the panel the light comes on   i have been looking at making a solar charger but as you can tell by my information im still learning these things  but i am getting there i do have the compulsory Altoids tin 

Thanks for any help you can offer




Best Answer 4 years ago

Don't throw it away. It is a useful circuit.

You can use it in many projects. You can mount the system on a bike helmet with some LEDs and a battery, and make a "solar" bike helmet that turns on in the dark. Or you can make this:

https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Paper-Hou... .

as it only charges a 1.2v battery i guess its no good for charging anything on usb as thats 5v im guessing


Thanks for you help. i like the idea of the house's may give those a go