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is this legal??? (knives) Answered

i know of switch blades(in ohio) that they must be under 3 inches (is this correct?) but i was wondering about manual knives what is there limits?
also is thid knive considered a switch blade and it does have a blade over 3 inches



Best Answer 8 years ago

Ohio knife is not very well defined. Link.

"Most" places officers have the right to determine what the intent of the person is considering what they are carrying.  Meaning "if it looks like you're looking for trouble then you may have found it".


8 years ago

if u mean a buck knife that u open manually and not by a button i dont think there is a limit, but in boyscouts a pocket knife blade shouldnt b a length over the width of yur palm. the knife you showed a link 2 i would imagine the 3 inch rule would apply here but im not sure. i know that a butterfly knife is ilegal in most states, but in california the 3 inch rule applies, i dont know about in ohio. P.S. i live in pennsylvania