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is this transformer Answered

i have this transformer i think. i want to build coilgun and only thing i found is this transformer. does somebody know how  i could connect this with 2x aa batteries and  make  capacitor charger??? ( if you have shematics that would be great) 



4 years ago

The first step of getting a COIL GUN is the high voltage DC supply you can try to build it yourself
It does look like you have the correct 9 V or 12 V transformer for DIY. (see the circuit.)

Your question does not sound of experience in electronics ...

Or like many hobbyists, who build low-cost rudimentary designs to experiment with coil guns,
for example using the electronics from a disposable flash camera.

Take Great Care when you succeed in generating and storing the capacitive energy
to fire a ball bearing through the room wall !
You will have enough EE power to stop anyone's heart and end a life !!!!!!!!!!!

Correct !
  • C2_o.01 uF__50V_CERamic
  • C3_o.10 uF__50V_CERamic
  • C4_o.47 uF_350V_ELectrolytic or FILM
  • C1_100  uF__12V_ELectrolytic

I thought so.

The .47 will charge much faster than a 470 more of a tazer circuit but just looking at the schematic from the ones I have worked with it should work well.


You can put a 470.
It will take longer to charge and
it will be way more Lethal.

You Did Say IT !

I just enjoy using the LETHAL word  ;¬)

Yea I know what you mean.

For coil guns people try to store kilo joules in capacitors.

If the projectile don’t kill the caps do.

The two wires on the right go to the Ac mains supply . The 3 wires on the right, the middle one is ground (white) or negative . Measure the voltage across the ground and any one of the terminals , that is where you have to put the capacitor . Remmember to use a capacitor of high power rating. And a transformer of above 12v.

OK thank you for the pic.

For a coil gun you want you want is a DC to DC step up converter, and the transformer you want is a step up transformer.

Now from the pic a good guess would be one side is a center tap winding and the other is a single winding like the first pic I am posting however that doesn’t tell you what the transformer does.

I will try to be simple.

There are basically two transformers step up down and buffers.

With buffers the output voltage will be the same as the input voltage and it is used sometimes to convert a DC square wave to an AC square wave.

Place an alternating voltage on the single winding and measure the output of the center tap windings.

If from center tap to the right or left it is the same voltage or half the voltage as the input of the single winding the transformer is a buffer and a voltage double at best.

If from the center tap to the left or right the voltage is noticeably less or more it is a step up down transformer. (6 volts in and 1 or 24 out)

Now for example purposes let’s say from the center tap to the right or left you get 1 volt and you applied 12 volts to the single winding you have a 12/6 to 1 step up down transformer.

This is the transformer you want for a coil gun, where you can apply a 3 volt signal on one side and get a much higher voltage out the other.

As for circuits they number in the millions but here is a couple.

In the second pic the center schematic is a coil gun the bottom schematic is a tazer but all these circuits can be used to make a coil gun.


coil gun answer 0.bmpcoil gun answer.bmp

Visit this page for circuit and information www.inpharmix.com/jps/Jim's%20Coil%20Gun%20Jig.html