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is this usable as a sond amplifier? Answered

i have this lm324 chip from a old stud finder, i searched for a datasheet and found this: http://www.national.com/ds/LM/LM124.pdf

it says a op amp, so will it work as a audio amp?
sorry. i have never used ics before, and i dont know how to really read datasheets much



Best Answer 7 years ago

No. It only amps DC and sound is AC. Use an LM386 instead. They're very cheap and available even at Radio Shack.

Look at some of these circuits and see what you think.

ok then. i have a smd chip similar to the lm386, but i have no smd experience at all. and where i am, radio shack is called "the source", and the only ic they stock is the 555 timer. otherwise its perfboards and leds and a couple other things like enclosures, battery packs, and some basic electrical components

It could be used as an amp but not a very good one. Better spend a few dollars/pounds /etc on a dedicated audio amp chip.