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is world of warcraft evil/bad? Answered

is world of warcraft evil/bad?


You need a more specific context for your (broad) question.  World of Warcraft was designed to emulate some of the events and politics that one would see in the real world.  On the one hand, you have the Alliance and the Horde in a Cold War situation.  At the same time, both factions will join forces when a crisis requires it.  I've personally considered World of Warcraft to have mixture of good and evil ingame depending on one's perspective.

Evil? What do you mean with that?

Why do you think those terms might apply?

There are many reasons they may think this game, or generally spending lots of hours in front of a computer, is not something they want their kid to do. Some of those reasons are legitimate. None of them are things you can argue with, and none of them are things that quoting us at them will change.

Tell him to wait a year and ask again. And/or to ask them what their specific objections are and whether there's something he can do to earn permission.

(What I've seen of the game, watching others play it a few times, leaves me completely uninterested.)

I'm not addicted to the game at all I just like the game...

And my mom and dad don't even know what the game is..

Oh well...that's life....tough...grow up

In the absence of child endangerment, your parents have an ultimate right to control your conduct til the day you're a legal adult and decide to move out of their home.

Your friend's parents need to examine their criteria for "evil". The world is full of things that can be accurately described as evil. Genocide, slavery, men kidnapping young girls and keeping them as sex toys in a garden shed for years, these things are "evil". WoW is a video game.

Ah, but there are some evil/bad persons there.  I've had 3 credit card numbers used/stolen to buy time/money/whatever on wow.

When the bills were questioned they (wow) admitted that they had been stolen.

So use care.


8 years ago

 Wow is just a program. Albeit one that sucks people's lives away in wasted expenses of time and money with no usable reward, but still just a program.
Evil? No. Bad? I think so, but only you can decide for yourself.

 I wouldn't say "evil" persay, as in Satanic vs Godly, but having played FFXI avidly for a while, sometimes in 18 hour stints) I'd say they're EVILE/bad, as in they'll do you damage in a variety of ways if you get caught in their grips. Not good to become too dependent on any one thing (except maybe family), and it's a very easy thing to do with this type of game.

Don't get me wrong..I'm an old fart, but I played FFXI for about 4 years and got very very into it for about 3 of those 4 years.... Maybe not WOW,  but FFXI and WOW qre more similar than different when compared to real life. IMO, IRL.

brb WC  dude ;-)

 Just closed my 4 character account about a month ago after not playing for 4 months with full compliments of expensive armor and other items and about a million gil "in the bank". Part of the difficulty in deleting everything (and part of how they get you to stay around)

Time-consuming, obsession-forming, maybe, but actually "evil"?

I don't think so.  No more so than any other computer game.