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isit weird that i recently like my best friend but i cannot bring myself to kiss him? Answered

i have this guy best friend. He has been  in love with me for five years. Last year, i started liking him. I have feelings for him for 5 months already.Yesterday we went on a date and i refuse to let him hold my hands or make a move to kiss me. i was kind of afraid he will try to hold my hands or even kiss me. isit weird that i feel this way? i like him but i cant get physical with him. What's wrong with me?



There's nothing wrong with you, and in 5 years time he will be "then". Get on with your life as it suits you and stop worrying about things.


Maybe your feelings are more fraternal?

.  What's really weird is discussing one's love life on a DIY site.

Does he have bad breath or body odor? No? What are you waiting for!

It's just a fear that something will go wrong.  If he's been in love with you for 5 years then I doubt any problems will happen.  Just tell yourself this on your next date and it should be fine.