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isntructables fansite is launched Answered

the istructable fansite has now been launched using social go i would like every member of ibles to join


here you can talk about everything from new porjects to well anything....
so far i am a admin but overtime i will add other people and eric will be one of them

many thanks,


It's got potential.


thanks just need more advertising you joining? it would be appreciated

I've got enough things to do, but I did bump your topic by commenting.


I think I might be a bit late on this, but: A bump in a forum is when you post on the topic, and then the sorting algorithm makes that forum topic rise to the top of the stack, so then that's the first topic that is seen by people browsing the forums. Sometimes to the extent of people just posting posts that say "bump".

Maybe I'm being dumb, but why do we need a separate site to talk about projects?

Isn't that what these forums are for?

It's an exercise in using other free websites and creating one's own social-groups I believe.


Circles of friends, people with common interests, clubs, societies, collections of people brought together by a common "thing". Like Kiteman said, you could use Forums, but it's your site so it's your social-group.


 I have to agree.  It has it's own fanbase inside of the site already.  

Im a member now! YAY !

ok please tell other members on ibles