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iv been trying to creat an igniter for my spud gun that's small and portible i didnt know if enybody could help. Answered

my gun is 4 ft with a 1" barrel and a 3" tank for hair spray.....this is just for funn not to kill animals..etc all i need is a spark it dosent have to be big just a little strong.


Not sure if it'll work on this scale but you might try cannibalizing one of those long necked stove lighters. They have a magnet in them that when a hammer hits them produce an electric current. So when you pull the trigger on them they snap down the little hammer onto the magnet and two wires go out to the tip of the lighter with a gap between them. The electricity jumps the gap in the wires creating an arc which ignites the butane and gives you your flame. But if you've already got your chamber filled with some other fuel your arc will ignite that as well.

you could use a lantern sparker,grill igniter,stungun,or a sparkplug.