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ive been hacked. how can i find out who did it? Answered


What do you mean?
Is you arm hanging off spilling blood at a frightening rate?
Ask a better forned question please.


no like somebody got onto his account and did bad stuff. he wasn shanked lolz.

i know. i was just going with the flow. lol.

I don't have to play that, I know what it is. Very good clip to go with my question, thanks!


 create a list of suspects and then question them by using the good cop bad cop with only yourself and if that does not work i would report it 

Who has access to your machine? And/or what have you done with your machine that left it open to attack? 

Any machine that runs unprotected or is used carelessly IS at risk these days. Install and use a good antivirus/firewall/anti-spyware package, and NEVER execute any binary that arrives in the mail or is downloaded from the web without checking several different ways that it does exactly, and only, what it says it will do.

Most likely, it's the person standing nearby with a machete.


8 years ago

What, on Facebook or something?  It was probably spyware.  Uninstall all your Facebook apps except the default ones, then get some anti-spyware software to clean out whatever malicious code has been left behind.