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ive been looking for a cheap non surgical way to remove my left eye? Answered

make sure its cheap...


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Best Answer 7 years ago

Close your left eye, and then use a small piece of surgical tape over the lids to keep them shut.

Carry on as usual - eventually, either your eyelids will heal shut, or you will realise what a silly plan this was to start with.

When you remove the tape, do it quickly, and in front of a video camera...

It is unsafe to try all the new products that are coming out there especially when you are going to apply in on your eyes. The eyes are delicate. In order for you to definitely end up with the right cream or treatment generally, visit your doctor and seek his / her guidance. Do not attempt to do a number of self-medication. It is dangerous.

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7 years ago

Shop vacuum. If you don't have one, just take 50 cents down to the closest carwash.

try spraying pepper spray at an angry manic vacuum cleaner. that might do the trick :)


7 years ago

Running with scissors. You may have to be patient but the odds are in your favor.

Just in case it isn't obvious from the silly answers:

THERE IS NO NONSURGICAL WAY TO DO THIS SAFELY, and absolutely no way to do it that would allow the eye to be replaced.

(Unless you're already wearing a glass eye, in which case you probably already know how to deal with it.)

These are some of the ways I've used to cheaply remove my left eye.

1. Join a Pirate Gang! I'm pretty sure they still pluck an eye out as part of your initiation. Plus, most PGs offer a pretty good deferred pension plan which will be good in case you need to finance another non surgical eye removal after retirement.

2. Go to the Apple website and max out the specs on a MacPro. Make sure to keep your right eye closed when you see the eye-popping total or else you'll have both your eyes out!

3. The fourth and fifth times I removed my left eye (non surgically, mind you), I did so by donning ear plugs and a clothespin for the nose and whilst keeping both my mouth and right eye shut, proceeded to sneeze violently, propelling, by the force of my contracting diaphragm alone, my left eye out of its socket. Pretty soon I'm going to make an 'ible on it if enough people want me to...

Happy eye-removing!

An official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!

Ice cream scoop.

If your eye offends you, pluck it out.