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i've been playing with the idea of moulding my family's heads and affixing antlers, anyone got suggestion? Answered

Instead of sending a family portrait to my nan, I've been thinking a trophy of my family's heads would be pretty sweet.
I wanted to get a mould of our head and put giant antlers on top, you know like an elk or deer.
Has anyone got suggestions as to the best way to go about this?


And make sure you post an 'ible.

That is an awesome idea. Check on YouTube.

I'm just curious about the thought pattern that got you to this idea! Seriously though, I agree with Re-design. This is something that could be an emotional trip for some people, so be cautious. (I'd panic big time.) Otherwise, have fun!


8 years ago

Couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. +1!

Google "full head cast" and "life cast".

There are ways to do this safely but you need to really do your homework before you try it.

Plus if anyone doesn't want to do it or is the least bit claustrophobic then don't do them.  Any fear will increase once you start putting "goop" on their face and they have to breath out of straws.

You'll need some helpers that you trust that won't start making jokes and playing pranks on the person getting cast.  The person in the hot seat will feel very vulnerable.

Personally, you probably couldn't pay me to have it done but I can see where it might be pretty interesting.

Do it how the mythbusters crew do it.

No suggestions other than you should absolutely do this!