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ive followed the steps to permanently change the wallpaper in windows 7 starter from page? Answered

https://www.instructables.com/id/Permanently-Changing-The-Background-In-Windows-7-S/step6/The-Hardest-Part-Replacing-Shell32dll/ ? Ive managed to do it all but no matter how hard i try? it will not let me move/paste the modified shell32.dll file back into the system32 folder. everytime it says you need to provide administrator permission. sometimes the bar comes up to show the progress of moving the file but when you look for it it is not there. please help. i don't know where to go to read replys so could u please email me, dj7even@virginmedia.com

PLEASE THIS IS MY LAST RESORT. last time i tried this and restarted my com it never worked again, i had to restore the operating sys. i have done the same thing again, ive changed the current shell32.dll to shell32.dll1 so this will prevent my com from booting up when i next turn my notebook off. ive had it on all night and day to prevent this.



8 years ago

You probably need admin permission. Is there another account on the computer?

Why can't you get at it with Admin'-privilages? L